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I've been lurking here for a while and I've learned a lot of stuff concerning plasma tv and I'm the owner of a 42" G30 wich I bought 3 weeks ago. Like every other plasma screen it produces a buzzing so I called Panasonic in the Netherlands and I asked them if they could provide me some specifications concerning the buzzing sound. The guy on the phone told me he couldn't and gave me the excuse it's an internal matter. Not satisfied with the answer I called NEN, the Dutch partner of the International Electrotechnical Commission seated in Switzerland because like any other electronic device a plasma tv must comply with IEC standards. Today I recieved an e-mail from NEN and here's what they told me. I think most of you will find it intersting.

A standard is in the making for the method of measuring: IEC 61988-2-5 Ed.1: Plasma Display Panels - Part 2-5: Measuring methods - Acoustic noise, with as scope: This part of IEC 61988 determines the following measuring methods for characterizing the performance of plasma display modules (PDP modules):

Acoustic noise.

It's not something wich can easily be done at home. Measurements must be taken in an acoustic dead room using special equipment. If the acoustic noise is specified by the manufacturer it must be measured using this method. A limit on how much acoustic noise a plasma tv may produce is not given.

This basically means a manufacturer can make up their own specifications and there's not a thing you can do about it. Even if the buzzing sound is as loud as 50 decibels they can say hey, it's within our specs....go f*ck yourself.
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