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Hi, this is my first post here, hopefully someone can help me, confirm if i have a faulty tv or its all models are the same. Its a panasonic flicker question which there is alot of talk on these forums.

Just bought a brand new 42G30B and i have noticed this horrible flicker / strobe effect when there are large blocks of the same colour (usually bright colours). It's almost unwatchable as it hurts your eyes after a while. I assume this is not the brightness problem I have seen people talk about, this is not gradual, but a fast strobe effect. You can see it on the grand prix easily as there are large blocks of grey. Its not a motion thing, you can see it when the picture is paused.

I have noticed that this is present in normal and dynamic, but not cinema or the professional modes, slightly in thx mode though. You can stop it in normal and dynamic simply by turning the intelligent frame creation to max, i'm not sure if its switches from 50 to 60hz or something when the screen disappears and comes back as you turn it to max but the flicker just vanishes. Problem with max is, i don't like the unnatural effect it has.

In the shop i bought it its running a blue ray (i guess at 24 fps) and there is no flickering in any picture mode at all.

I am beginning to think its a 50hz problem as my xbox (running at 60hz) doesn't flicker at all in any mode.

I spoke to panasonic and was told they are aware of a problem caused by power supply limits and when you hit that limit it causes flickering, I was told to just use cinema mode.

Can someone please check their tv for me to see if its the same?
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