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I have a Panasonic Viera TC-L42E50 HDTV and a Sony BDP-S185 blu-ray player, both of which I have owned for about one year.  They are connected via HDMI cable.  Beginning a few months ago the blu-ray player would no longer power on unless I unplugged the power and plugged back in.  And sometimes this had to be done several times before it would power up all the way.  Once up and running it seemed to work fine, but every time it was turned off the same procedure was required to get it running again.  So, I sent the blu-ray player back to Sony and just recently got a new/refurbished one.  SAME PROBLEM!  I started fiddling with more cables and realized that I could also simply unplug the HDMI from the TV and plug it back in and this was enough to get the blu-ray player powered on, and this works every time on the first attempt.  What the heck is going on here?  It seems to me like maybe it is some kind of syncing issue between the two components.  


On a side note, I am also having difficulties with the TV in regards to audio when I connect via optical digital audio cable to DAC > Integrated amplifier > Polk speakers.  If I play a DVD from the blu-ray player (routed through the TV) the sound works perfectly, but if I just watch TV or use the Netflix streaming (also on the TV), then the sound only comes out of one speaker while the other speaker emits a weird pulsing static-like noise.  


Is my TV just shot?  Am I missing something basic here?


Any advice would be much appreciated!!  I've been scratching my head over this for weeks now.  
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