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Panasonic P60S30..... Need Advice...

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Sup Fellas, I currently have a 46' Samsung LCD that i got about 3 yrs ago and i'm about to make the big jump to a 60' plasma.... I have my sights on the P60S30 or the P60ST30 or the P60GT30... I know the ST and the GT is a upgrade from the S30..but i just saw on Amazon that that the S30 is now $1099... Do you guys think that i should go with should i put up the extra $500 for the ST30.....I'm trying to stay under $2000 because i need to get a warranty and a new stand that holds a "60?..... Thanks in advanced fellas!!!!!!!!!!!
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The S30 is not a great display -- it's a big step up to the ST30 (and then a small step up to the GT30). Only you can decide whether it's worth it to step up, but I would never consider the S30.
I would definitely take the step up to the ST. You will be glad you did, I'm sure.
I purchased the 60S30 a few weeks ago and love the picture. For the price it is an incredible TV.
Originally Posted by GTP LS1
I purchased the 60S30 a few weeks ago and love the picture. For the price it is an incredible TV.
I know.. the price is great for a 60' panasonic plasma.... right now it's $1099 at Amazon......it's between the ST30 and S30..right now the S30 is $600 cheaper.....
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I purchased the S30 and I dont regret it one bit. Its easy to Parrot everybody else and say don't buy the S30, but I don't think the ST30 is worth 600+ more than the S30
I actually had 2 different st30's and was not satisfied with either. Green tint that was difficult to calibrate out without messing up color accuracy, and general luminance issues. This was my 5th Panny plasma so I am very familiar with them.

I have no interest in 3d so I decided to take a flyer on the 60" S30 ($1099 at my local Costco). Out of the box with minor adjustments, I actually prefer the S30 picture. It has less adjustments in the user menu (namely no individual white balance) but it looks great. Reminds me of my older pz700u which I loved. Anyway, anecdotal evidence I know the ST is a "superior" panel but to my eyes I'm not seeing it. $1100 for a 60" with this picture quality is incredible. Unless you want 3d, I can't imagine you will be disappointed with this tv.
I work in a large retailer's Electronics dept. We carry the S, ST, and GT and I see them on a daily basis, so I'm not just parroting back what I've read here.

The S at that price is a bargain, but if you can possibly stretch the budget to the ST you won't be sorry--well worth the extra money unless it means starving the kids. We've sold most of our STs to people who never intend to use the 3D but can easily see the improved picture quality.
Thanks again Steve S,Yaa he set me straight. I bought a ST30 60 on his recommendation and I am very impressed, I have a Samsung 650 LCD which was in my opinion the best TV of 08 besides the best Pioneer's and the ST30 is a better looking set than that.

I also bought 2 pannie PZU 85's at the same time I bought the 650 LCD in 08 and I can tell you the 08 pannies were very overated and the 650 Sammie has a much sharper picture with only a slight color accuracy loss compared to the 08 pannie plasmas so the 650 is a much better picture in my opinion. So what does it mean? unless the 09 and 10 Pannies are alot better than the 08 models go for a 2011 because the ST30 has almost the sharpness and it is real close of my 650 but much better colors overall so I am real happy

Steve how does the GT compare to the ST and how does the picture of a 60 plasma ST30 compare to a 50 ? Thanks Steve for helping me make the right choice.
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From what I can see the difference between the ST and GT is not as cost-effective by a long shot as that between the S and ST. The pq on the different sizes within a model series on Panny plasmas (i.e. 55" ST30 vs 60" ST30) should be the same-they both use the same panel and processors, etc. In the lcd/led realm different sizes within a model series can use different panels--heck this even happens with individual samples of the same model and size, hence the expression "panel lottery" seen over in the lcd section.
For what it's worth, the GT is a much better looking panel aesthetically. In my opinion and most people's it seems. Also, if you are not going to have the tv professionally calibrated, the THX mode on the GT is very good. Whether those two things justify the price difference is questionable, I would encourage you to look at both panels in person if you can. Good luck.
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