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Hi all,

After 1st being alerted to the loss of black levels by cnet America in Panasonic plasma, I note that *all* reviews of Panasonic plasmas in on that site now carries a warning message, with short statement from Panasonic that says:

Editors' note, February 9, 2010: According to user reports, which first surfaced on enthusiast Web site AVS Forum, this Panasonic plasma may lose black level performance noticeably over time. Panasonic has issued statement, admitting to changes over time but saying performance is still "excellent." While CNET reviewers have not been able to verify or refute either claim, we nonetheless do not recommend buying this TV. We have also removed the Editors' Choice award from this review.

Not so for cnet Australia, that is linked straight back to Panasonic Australia website.

Yesterday there was an official Panasonic Australia Facebook site with over 7000 members. After a Wall posting asking for an official statement from Panasonic Australia on the cnet note and that maybe the ACCC should be informed, that Facebook fan page has now been deleted.

Looks like panic mode has set in.
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