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Panasonic/Plasma Help Needed TC-65PST34

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My 64" Pioneer rear projection monster is finally dying. I am looking for a replacement. 65" would be preferable but 60" would suffice...70" wont fit. I am a diehard Costco shopper and was looking very seriously at a Sharp 60" LCD. This morning I cam across what I thought looks like a great deal on Panasonic 65" plasma. The website lists the model as a TC-65PST34 but I was thinking that maybe a typo and it should be TC-P65ST34? Cant find any info on that model...maybe a Costco only number? Anyone know what it corresponds to? I am not real familiar with plasma, what are the ups/downs compared to LED? What is the story with this set? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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That is the correct model number - Costco switches the letters around a bit and gets their own "34" suffix. It's basically their version of the regular 65ST30. The ST30 series is widely regarded as Panasonic's "Best Bang for the Buck" model.

The only LED TV that can rival it is the Sony HX929 model, but their upcoming 65" model will probably cost more than twice the price of a 65" ST30/ST34. None of the other high end LCDs or LED LCDs will look as good.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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