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Hello guys - I'm new here and hope someone can help with advice about an older plasma tv. It is a Panasonic TH42PX75U and I can't get video to displays with any device. I purchase from a listing that said "powers on" which it does, and showed pictures of the menu screen - (which I assumed, like an idiot meant it worked). It doesn't - no video available except the menu) Anyway - here's what I tried. There are no blinking lights or errors indicated and when I do a system check using the menu - it says everything is ok - but no matter what input i select - I can't get video to appear with a satellite box, DVD player, ect. The screen goes white for a second and then black under TV and will then say "channel not available", and just goes to black with both VGA, and under the other 4 options including 2 HDMI ports - goes to black immediately and will prompt after a couple minutes that it will shut off. I also cannot get sound unless (and this is weird) I plug RCA jacks into the satellite receiver or DVD players and set to HDMI 2 and I will get sound but it displays HDMI2 even though there's not a cable plugged in there.


I called Panasonic and they charged me 10 bucks to tell me that they don't know anything - then called a TV repair shop that told me that the symptoms sound like the main board needs to be replaced since it gets power and most issues are with the power supply, no lights are blinking, and displays something other that where the signal it coming from. I read on this forum yesterday that the cable connections sometimes get jarred and to unplug and put back (a quick thanks to the guy that posted diagrams), which I did with no result. I reset the tv to factory default using the menu on the screen - nothing. I watched vids on YouTube about repairs by ShopJimmy of the same model but the power supply and called them about ordering a main board and they don't have any. I checked eBay and none available that match. I visually inspected every board and don't see any noticeable burns, anything loose, etc but don't have equipment to test anything. So here I am feeling like an idiot for buying the tv that was purchased "as is", - not knowing if it's some $1 diode somewhere that shorted and trying to figure out if I'm better off just scrapping the main board and parting out the thing online to try to recoup some of my losses or surfing the net looking for others with the same issue and what they did to fix.


Sorry about the long read - i just wanted to give as many details as possible to save questions asked. Disregard that knocking noise coming from the trunk of my car - that's just the guy that sold me the tv reconsidering his refund policy. Thanks - TJ
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