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I've been considering various 2nd hand plasma upgrades to upgrade from my 42PWD8 - which I love -but woud like larger and HD

been considering PHD8s and PHD9s

question is though -on my PWD8 the HDMI input is inferior to the VGA and Component inputs, the main problem being a lot more banding/seemingly less colour depth on the HDMI input.

this is especially evident with the PS3, but also my Cable TV unit too. I'm not saying banding/dithering goes completely away with Component, but its far far less pronounced, almost by 50-60% - noticeable.

its not a fault in my HDMI board, I have 2 and they both perform identically.

now quite a few of the options I'm looking at - still use the TY-FBHM HDMI input board, so I'm concerned whether its a limitation of the HDMI board (which I suspect it may be) or of my particular panel

thanks, Mark.
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