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Panasonic Premium SC – PT760 – Web opinions

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Panasonic Premium SC - PT760 - Web opinions

Feedback Strands* has analyzed opinions voiced on the web on Panasonic Premium SC-PT760 during the period April 19, 2008 to April 14, 2009 by studying them on some web sites. This note is a brief summary of our observations - they are based on a sub set of opinions voiced and may not reflect a completely representative view of consumer opinions.

Consumers appear to have given thumbs up to Panasonic Premium SC-PT760 - the model received Net Feedback (% positive opinions - % negative opinions) score of 54%. It received 72% positive opinions and 18% negative opinions. The rest were ambiguous opinions.

The most spoken about attributes appear to be the function, price, installation, picture, accessories and remote. Of these, attributes with most positive were function, price, and installation.

The wireless speakers reduce the clutter of wires. The five disc changer feature is liked by the users as there is not a need to change the disc manually. The night audio mode is turn on so that the sound is not too loud and does not disturb others who are sleeping. The customers have appreciated the surround sound system and the audio quality of the speakers. The speaker body and stands have a good look and feel. The set up is easy and quick while connecting to the TV. The liked the product priced low for its good quality functions and features.

There are also some attributes with negative opinions, like picture, accessories and remote etc. A few users were not happy with the picture quality. The cables for speakers are of very short length. The instructions on the remote are not clear for a novice.

On balance, Panasonic Premium SC-PT760 seems an appealing proposition.

Feedbackstrands is a web portal that tracks opinions voiced on products and services on the web (blogs, reviews, discussion forums, social networking sites, ecommerce sites, etc. It analyzes them and presents it in a useful manner for firms.


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