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Hello all,

Well the room is finally finished and last weekend i hung the V/A screen and AE4000 and as a first time projector owner, i have to say it is pretty amazing. Watched the olympics, some HD DirecTV, blu-rays, and some PS3 play. Even the wife (skeptic at first) now only wants to watch the projector

I have a really basic question about the mounting bracket. This is the universal one from V/A that comes in the kit with the screen...

The different pivot directions all lock down with locking nuts except for the 360 degree horizontal rotation. Does that just stay loose like that? Seems like it would be pretty easy for it to get bumped (dusting, etc) and therefore off center.

We couldnt be happier and as always many thanks to this forum for the research info prior to ordering.

Thanks in advance,

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