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Panasonic PT-LB20SU

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I did a search and didn't find anything on this projector... Can someone tell me if this is a good deal for the 800.00 price? Looks like it has some decent specs, but I'm definately no expert.

Manufacturer - Panasonic

Weight - 4.6 lb

Color Support - 16.7 Million Colors (24-bit)

Standard Warranty - 3 Year(s) Limited

Manufacturer Part Number - PT-LB20SU

Brightness - 2000 Lumens

Manufacturer Website Address - www.panasonic.com

Lamp Type - 155W UHM

Display Modes - 800 x 600 SVGA Native

Display Modes - 1600 x 1200 UXGA Supported

Lamp Life - 3000 Hour(s) Maximum

Projection Distances - 3.61ft to 36.09ft

Diagonal Image Size - 33" to 300"

Video Signal - NTSC

Video Signal - NTSC 4.43

Video Signal - PAL

Video Signal - PAL-M

Video Signal - PAL-N

Video Signal - PAL-60

Video Signal - SECAM

Video Signal - HDTV

Product Name - PT-LB20SU Mobile Projector

Interfaces - 1 x Video HD DB-15 Input

Interfaces - 1 x Video HD DB-15 IN/OUT

Interfaces - 1 x Composite Video RCA Input

Interfaces - 1 x S-Video 4-pin mini-DIN Input

Interfaces - 2 x Audio RCA (Left/Right) Input

Interfaces - 1 x RS-232C 8-pin mini-DIN

Zoom - 3x Digital Zoom

Zoom - Manual Zoom

Product Type - LCD Mobile Projector

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Not really supposed to discuss price on the forum, but we should still be able to help you out. I would steer you away from that model.

There are some very attractive HD projectors a little more than that after rebate available today. I would take a look at them.

Feel free to PM or e-mail me, if you need help getting pointed in the right direction.
OK, sorry about the price thing... I want something that will work well with my HTPC which has an ATI HDTV wonder and a 9700pro video card. Since I'm going to watch HD on it, I want something better than an 800x600 projector I guess. Any suggestions would be great since there are so many options available.
This year there are some pretty exciting thigs going on. You have the Sanyo Z4, and the Panasonic ae900. Those two, I think, are the two most commly talked about projectors revently. You'll find alot on the InFocus 4805, but I would either hold off for their new HD offerings, or grab up one of the models that is being faded out (SP5000 is a great example).
Thing to consider is warranty- The Panazip that comes with their business projectors is excellent.
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