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Panasonic red sparkles - help

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I seen the thread for the LG sets, but I see nothing on people dealing with this on the panasonic's. I get red sparkles around darker objects. Of course, the set is out of warranty. From what I am reading it's a voltage issue on one of the boards, and that turning it down only temporarily fixes it.

Has anyone out there had experience with this? How expensive are these boards to buy out of warranty?


the irony is that I just ordered a new panny plasma with the intention of replacing this one. I had this 42" sold, now I can not sell it and I'm not sure if going with another Panasonic is a smart idea if my other one died within 3 years

I have some electronics background, I can attempt to turn down the Voltages myself but I'd rather see how someone else did it on a panasonic plasma, ie a walkthrough or something. like this one

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try switching outlets. in some cases ive seen the red snow pop up and get dramatically worse within minutes. in my situation it was a problem with my cables connecting. try that too. note i only saw this on my 360 and reconnecting my hdmi cable did the trick. your situation may be different.
thanks. I'll run a extension chord down stairs or something. But it does happen on 360, ps3, expressvu etc. that's HDMI, component, s-video all doing it so far. I got into the service menu and turned down the red gain a little and it's less obvious, but it only hides the issue.
there has to be another outlet in the room the set is in. unplug something else maybe?
there is but it's all on the same circuit so if I'm going to try another socket, I'll try something on another circuit entirely.
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