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Panasonic RP82 playback of DVD+R DL

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My hard drive crashed. Again.

Anyway, I'm out to BB soon to buy a new HDD and possibly a DVD burner so I can make an image of my drive (only have a CD-RW now) next time it happens.

But of course, I'd also like to be able to playback DVD+R DL discs on my Panasonic RP82. I looked on DVDRHelp.com, but it doesn't seem anyone has even TRIED playing back DVD+R DLs on the RP82.

Has anyone tried DVD+R DL playback on their Panny RP82, or even XP30/XP50 for that matter? What was your experience?
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The new DVD+R dual-layer discs are still so new and expensive I doubt anyone is really using them yet, they are very hard to find too.
DVD+R DL at ~$15 a pop right now....I can wait.

Prob by the time the price drop enuf to make DL viable....Blu-ray would be out. Then the $/value starts all over again.:rolleyes:

Sorry not an answer for if RP82+DL will work :confused:
Yeah $15 for a DL that can only record at 2.4x compared to two x8 DVD+Rs for 50cents each!
Originally posted by jflegert
Prices are droping quickly. :)

$2.10 + shipping
Seen that before.

1 DVD+R DL 2.4X

8 DVD+R 8X


You only get one DL disc. :p
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Yeah thats a 10pack for $21 that includes only one DL disc. So its probably $15 for the DL disc plus $6 for the other 9 discs - and thats overpriced! For well under $20 I can get a 25pack of DVD+RWs.
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