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Panasonic RV32 locked with error F489

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Hi Dear Friends

Since yesterday,My Panasonic RV32 has gotten MAD and doesn't work.

When I turn it on,after showing the greeting message "Welcome to DVD world" on the LED display panel,it shows "F498" and nothing works but the On/Off button on the front panel.No picture on TV at all -even the DVD logo- and no response to Remote control.I can just turn it off -or on- again and the same thing happens again.

What is the problem?

Is there any solution?

I am looking forward to seeing your kind comments on this problem.

Thanks in advance.
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I am still waiting for a help ........:confused:
Hi Shahram-K,

I realise you might have already done this, but I just looked up the internet finding only a couple of German or Dutch forums. One said that they asked the Panasonic site in their country about this same error, and they said the F489 was a mpeg decoder fault.

I could not find anymore , maybe you should search on Yahoo or another search engine or ask your local Panasonic Dealer/ Service agent.

Have you tried disconnecting the player for ten minutes or so, then reconnect it, to see if it resets itself?.

I have a RV32 also, its a great machine IMHO, a bit of a sleeper in fact. I will have another search for you tonight and reply here if I find anything helpful. I hope this is of some help to you.


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Hey Shahram-K.

I know this will sound crazy but...

Open the player and pull the laser all the way back on the track(to the outside From the inside). It may be a bit sticky but, it will slide back. I had the same error as well as a HO7 error and this did the trick. It now works fine other than needing a firmware update which I am still looking for. Not very technical, but sometimes the simple approch works.
@ juz

Hi Dear friend

Great thanks for your huge effort to help me.

At first I should appologize for a mistake:The error code is "F498 " no "F489".So do excuse me for that.

Yes ,I consulted the local Panasonic service center,But they couldn't find this error code in their service manuall.Even they couldn't find my machine in the list .Mine is RV32E-S but all the machines included in service manuall were RV32Pxxxx :confused:

I also tried to reset it by unplugging from the main for 15-30 minutes.during the 10 days of appearance of this problem,such a trick caused just 2 sessions of proper functioning but next time I tried to turn it on I encountered the problem again and in last 4 days even that trick never worked.

Amazingly during those short periods of functioning,everything was good and I had no problems in both firmware function or mechanical function.

Again I thank you for your kind help to me.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

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@ jimi bean

Hi Dear friend

Thanks for your kind answer to me.

I will try your suggested method as soon as possible although I am not brave enough to do such actions to my Audio/Video devices.

Any way,I appreciate your concentration in this matter.

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Hi again

I searched the net for "F498" error code,but found only a few topics in German language which I am not familiar with.

So, still waiting for your kind help .

I found this explanation on a website:
F498 means a problem with flash eprom IC; meaning that unit is unable to read the basic instructions from the eprom IC. Can be cuased by several; may simply be a "bad connection issue" at the eprom Ic or somwhere in the Bus line--defective Ic or corrupted information which may or may not be recovered with a "service recovery" disc.(not an end user procedure)

First step; try resoldering Eprom ic being careful not to bridge pins.
Any Comment ?

It seems that I must throw it away and buy another DVD player but not under Panasonic brand.
Sorry To hear you must get a new dvd player. I have only one suggestion...

Try the Phillips DVP-642. It plays all disks +/- and will play your DIVX avi's aswell.

Good luck and Peace.
Not necessarily, you could go hunting and try to hunt for the Panasonic DVD-XP30.
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