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 Owner's Manual

See all the specifications here (this receiver is black, not silver, but that's the only difference)

I bought a new receiver so I'm selling this one. It's in excellent condition and comes with the remote. If I can find the manual I'll include it but I've linked the PDF version at the top. This receiver is generally regarded as having excellent sound quality and good power. I've been using it with Focal's Chorus speakers and I think it sounds great even at very loud volumes.

If you have any questions please ask! Once my new receiver arrives early next week I can unplug everything and take a picture of the back if anyone wants it.

Price is $175 shipped in the US, paypal is [email protected] I have some Ebay feedback under techie301 and I've sold hundreds of items as the metal rose guy on the SA forums if that means anything to anyone.
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