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Panasonic SC-HT5000 questions.....

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I've already spent a good chunk of change on a Marantz SR7002 receiver and two killer Japanese Model 4307 studio monitors, but in the process I've almost tapped out my budget for the moment. Nevertheless, I've wanted to make full use of my 7.1 set up, so I've been looking to get 4 surrounds and possibly a center and a sub, but I haven't found much that suits the size of my room and my current budget.

Anyway, today I found a used Japanese model Panasonic SC-HT5000 HTIB for about $300 and I'm wondering if I should just buy it for the speakers, or if it's possible and worthwhile to hook the Panasonic SC-HT5000 receiver to my Marantz receiver some how (I'd imagine it's not worth the trouble). The Panasonic is about 5 years old and not really up to speed on the technology (no HDMI, etc) so I don't know if there would be much of a point trying to hook it up to my Marantz, what do you think?

Also, I'm curious for any feedback on the speakers. I can't imagine that they are amazing, but if I'm just using them for the surrounds, and possibly but less likely the center and sub, do you think it would have any remote chance of mixing moderately well with my current JBL studio speakers?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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