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I bought the Panasonic SC HT 940 HTIB from Costco a few months ago. The problem that I have is playing rental discs from Blockbuster. Last night we were watching Apocalypto and we kept losing the video throughout the movie. We have had the same experience before with other rented movies. The Blockbuster people say that the more expensive systems from Panasonic and Sony experience problems like this. They claim that these systems seem too be sensitive to disc quality for certain movies. They say that even if we bought these movies new we would experience the same problem with losing the picture since the problem is with the disc manufacturer. They advise hooking up a cheaper player for these type of situations and it will not have any problems. We have never had this problem when playing a new disc.

1) Is there some truth in Blockbuster's explanation?

2) I do have another DVD player/recorder. Can I hook this up to the Panasonic and play the discs that way?

3) Should I consider returning the system to Costco and getting another?

4) Does Costco have another system that anyone would recommend?

Thanks for any advice or comments.
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