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I recently installed a Panasonic SC-HTB770 soundbar, which I am using also for its HDMI-switching between my cable box, Roku, and DVD-Player.  When using cable, on some channels at higher resolutions, the TV (RCA LED50B45RQ) starts to flicker and repeatedly attempts to auto-sense the resolution.  When I turn the soundbar off, which just passes through HDMI, I get no flickering.  Has anyone seen this sort of problem?


The only theory I have at the moment is that the soundbar requires the use of an ARC HDMI terminal on the TV, else it requires a separate digital audio output from the TV to the soundbar.  The TV doesn't label its HDMI as ARC, but I didn't think this would even apply to my case, as I'm getting both video and audio from the cable box through the sound-bar's receiver  - not the TV.


Thanks in advance
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