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I found this information and it seems to work an all sizes of CRT RPTV for Panasonic. The most useful is the COARSE and FINE convergence adjustments which let you adjust geometry and position for green, then you get the full 165 points including geometry for red and blue. There is also a useful bit of information on how to adjust focus on each color.

To access the service mode:

Make sure you are on Antenna A and set the mode to CABLE

Select TIMER in set-up and set SLEEP time for 30 Min.

Press Action or the UP Arrow to exit menus.

Turn to Channel 124

Turn VOLUME to minimum (0) with remote.

Press VOL ◄ (decrease) on TV. Red "CHK" appears in upper corner.

To exit the service mode:

Press Action and Power on the TV simultaneously for at least 2 seconds.

Here are some links:



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