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Panasonic Speakers for TH-50PHD8UK (TY-SP50P8W-K)

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Does any1 know of a place that has these speakers in stock? Everywhere I look they are out-of-stock ... and VA's price for these seems to be on the border of rediculous. TIA
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tiger doesnt have them in stock either
n/m. plasma concepts has these in stock with free shipping for 350. Not too bad considering the lack of availability with these things. Also a place called page computers shows them as being in stock for a considerable amount less ... however their reviews are pretty poor and I dont want to take the chance. :rolleyes:
Why not use a regular set of small bookshelf speakers.

Thats what I was going to do, until I got fed up waiting, and broke down one day in a fit of weakness and bought my 5060. So now I have a small set of infinity bookshelf speakers, interested?

Sorry I already ordered from plasma concepts. In fact they shipped already too. That was fast as hell.

It's too bad you jumped so quick. You could have saved over a hundred dollars by doing a little searching. Page Computers has the best prices on commercial Panasonic accessories that I have found and they are also very prompt in shipping.
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