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Ignoring price, which TV would you get?

  • Panasonic ST50 (Plasma)

    Votes: 7 87.5%
  • Panasonic ET5 (LED)

    Votes: 1 12.5%

Panasonic ST50 or Panasonic ET5

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Hi All,

I'm a newbie with this, so please bear with me. I've gotten a lot of help from friends to narrow down my choice of HDTV to 2 Panasonics, the ST50 series and the ET5 series. I get a discount through my job, so the price difference is negligible. There will be a lot of natural light in the room where the TV will be so Plasma scares me, but there are no crazy overhead lights or anything like that. I like to watch a lot of sports, and my wife likes to watch some normal daytime/nighttime TV. My question is simple - do I go with the Plasma ST50 or the LED ET5, given the same size (55") and price point.

To your knowledge, is either Plasma or LED supposed to last longer, or retain it's color longer? I'm really looking for anything that can tip the scales one way or another between the ST50 and the ET5.

Finally, I don't really care about the 3D capability, so please focus on 2D.

Thanks for your help!

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Unless you need lower power draw i would vote for the st50.

The et5 appears to be an average run of the mill edgelit led tv which means it's not likely to do very well in darker scenes, and it's very likely to have poorer contrast.

Due to it being edge lit the panel uniformity (eveness of brightness across the screen) can only get so good and the plasma will have near perfect viewing angles where as the led will lose contrast off angle. (though ips panels like the one in the et5 perform very well in that area.

Plasmas usually have a higher motion resolution as well and the st50 is a very highly praised plasma: http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/panasonic-tc-p50st50/4505-6482_7-35117941.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody;2r where as the et5 hasn't been reviewed as far as i can tell.

As far as lifespan goes they are pretty much on par now, there isn't enough information out there to say for sure which will last longer, both are being rated at upwards of 100000 hours (30 years) to half brightness.

Leds don't usually suddenly fail but it is possible: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LED_failure_modes

Plasmas are less susceptible to sudden failure of the light source but it's not likely for either to suddenly fail.

Plasmas do draw more power but the power supplies are probably picked with that in mind to decrease the failure rate, and if good quality power supplies are used then the supply isn't likely to take any other components with it when it goes and can be replaced.

The plasma has an anti reflective coating as well, so while it may be more reflective it won't be like old tube tv's for reflections.

There is still the slight chance of burn-in on plasmas but it isn't something to worry about unless you only watch 4:3 content or 16:9 content with black bars. If you will be alternating content that fills the screen and some that doesn't and you don't leave static images on the screen for days at a time then plasma will do you just fine (i've used a 2008 panasinic as a computer monitor for a few months with only slight taskbar image retention that went away with some movie watching and gaming).

If your interested in led sets over plasmas you should look into a good local dimming set. Local dimming sets dim parts of the backlight for a much higher contrast ratio, and there are edgelit models out there with local dimming that can be had for very reasonable prices.

55" sony kdl-55hx850

65" Samsung un65d8000

55" Samsung un55b8500 an older one would be a good deal if you can find one used.

Lg infinia 55le8500

55" Vizio xvt55vs3

Most of these come in smaller sizes as well, good luck
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Buy the plasma. The st50 has a very bright picture with an excellent anti reflective filter. Both are going to look good during the day but the plasma will do much better than the led in lower lighting. Reliability and longevity are about the same on both. Anyone who knows anything about tv's would agree. Mik James, why would you suggest a bunch of discontinued tv's (aside from the hx850) that aren't one of the two tv's he's choosing from? On top of that you posted a bunch of cnet links, and if you look at cnet the st50 scored better than all of them in PQ. Now if he asked, whats the best three year old used led i could buy ? you'd be spot on.
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Just covering all the bases mate,. I posted led's that would perform better agains't the plasma as the et5 just wouldn't cut it. 2 out of 5 are new or last generation which would still be in stores and honestly those are just examples of sets, there are newer generation local dimming sets out there I just posted the top performing ones. Besides in this price range there is nothing wrong with considering a set from last generation if you can get a good deal on it and it has top notch performance, the older samsung and lg are both in that category and the vizio is a good budget buy

I also read the cnet review because... well.... i posted it
Which is why i put a vote for the st50, The op mentioned he was looking for differences between the 2 sets and power draw is a factor of which the leds i mentioned would perform well at.

Heck i could have really given you something to gripe about and posted last gen plasmas
but from what i've read they don't really perform as we'll in brighter rooms vs the latest generation of plasmas.
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Thank you SO much! That's a lot of great info!
What are you leaning towards? Is power draw a factor for you?
Well you covered the bases the dirt in between them and all the grass in the outfield. Why make it more confusing. This person gets a discount on panasonic through there place of employment. The retail on both tv's is almost identical, and i gotta asume they picked these two sets cause they're budget calls for it. Even a D8000 from last year is still over priced and at no time is a Vizio a good buy at any budget. There really is no better value than the st50 in any size. "Flagship performance" for an everymans price. cnet scored a 9 outa 10 in performance and hometheater mag scored 4.5 stars outa 5. Enough said. K.I.S.S.
Whoops :p I missed the part about the discount, that makes more sense now, st50 it is then.

What do you have agains't vizio, their goal was to competitively jump into the higher end with that set.

How is there no better value than an st50? if i were buying id go for a u50 cause i could care less about 3d and how smart my tv is.

The u50 wouldn't work very well in this situation though cause of the lack of an anti glare filter.
The u series or ut series are solid tv's but the st50 has better color accuracy and more picture adjustments for calibration. It seems much brighter in person as well. The louver filter makes day time viewing much better as well. And despite your lack of need for smart functions or 3D its still a great deal for those features along with stellar picture performance superior to the u series. My problem with Vizio has to do with performance. The low end models really suck, and the "high end" models perform ok. They're clunky looking and the user interface is cumbersome not to mention most panels are outsourced to low quality manufacturer's.
Yeah they have the neo panel in the st50 vs the lower end models which accounts for brightness and probably the better color accuracy as well.

I don't know, i guess i'm just old fashioned
I don't buy plasmas to watch in a bright or even moderately lit room, i can't justify the cost of 3d right now considering the good results i get from colorcode and i can't justify a smart tv as i have a gaming pc for 3d conversion of games on the fly. If i buy a plasma i take it for what it is, a barebones display with great picture quality that is meant for a dim or pitch black room. The cnet review of those vizios must change your mind a little though right, i mean compared to dynex and insignia they can at least put out a great all rounder for a decent price even if it isn't the prettiest thing in the world

I also got burned by panasonic and their rising blacks so unless i can hear the buzzing on samsungs i would probably buy one of the 2012 models sometime in the future, sounds like they are really making some improvements in the blacks: http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-tvs/samsung-pn60e6500/4505-6482_7-35159642.html?tag=TOCcarouselMain.0

You don't like ugly tvs though so that stand would probably drive you up the wall.

Good luck with your purchase marx
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speaking on rising blacks. cnet did an article last year on all 2011 model plasmas they reviewed from samsung and panasonic. After 1500 hours of usage the blacks actually got better on the panasonics and got worse or rose on the samsungs. Yes certain Vizios will do better than Dynex and Insignia. But still wouldn't buy one.
Yeah I saw that article, it's pretty good news but I just can't support them after the way they handled it (or ignored it)

The Samsungs rose very slightly but i believe they were able to calibrate them back to their original mll, it was more like they drifted.
I'd buy a vizio local dimming set it's just a question of price, maybe if I could find one for 300 maximum 500 but I'm cheap :p if they even sell them in Canada.
Power draw isn't a factor at all...or at least shouldn't be. I'm leaning toward the Plasma because I hear the PQ is supposed to be amazing. The only thing keeping the LED in the running is the extra HDMI slot, the extra audio I/O slots and the fact that I'm worried about the glare on the Plasma since there will be a window directly in front of the screen. I like light and don't want to close my blinds every time I want to watch TV. But I think the PQ on the Plasma is getting me.
No doubt at all the plasma is definetly the best bet it's too bad the lower end models don't have the anti glare filter or neo panel it really pushes people toward lcds or samsung plasmas in the low end. The st50 is the cheapest panasonic with the anti glare screen and is plenty bright due to the neo panel.

When i first read about the neo panel i figured all plasmas would encorporate it and lower end panasonic plasmas in the past had an anti glare screen as well.

Do they sell hdmi splitters? i know they sell switch boxes.
There's also the louver filter toby mentioned, just to clarify it basically keeps dark areas dark during the day where as the lower end models would look washed out in bright rooms.
Wow! My brother-in-law just found this deal, and it looks ridiculous:

It's a refurb Sharp Aquos LC60LE810UN AQUOS 60" Class Quattron Edgelit LED HDTV - 1080p, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4ms, 120Hz, PC Input, 4 HDMI, USB Media Player.

If I added this into the mix, and knowing that the 60" Aquos is $1000 and the 55" ST50 is $1225, what do you guys (and girls) think now? I've read all incredible reviews about the ST50, so I'm still leaning that way, but the Aquos does look like a really good deal.

And again - I apologize for my ignorance!
Your definetly not ignorant, ignorance is an unwillingness to learn, you clearly want to learn

The sharp is reviewed as average, so if you just want a big screen that you know for sure will work best in a bright room then go for it.

If you want a much higher quality television that will do just fine in a bright room and will do much better than the sharp in a dark room then go for the st50.
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Originally Posted by Mik James  /t/1415219/panasonic-st50-or-panasonic-et5#post_22129271

Your definetly not ignorant, ignorance is an unwillingness to learn, you clearly want to learn

The sharp is reviewed as average, so if you just want a big screen that you know for sure will work best in a bright room then go for it.

If you want a much higher quality television that will do just fine in a bright room and will do much better than the sharp in a dark room then go for the st50.

Actually, the Sharp tvs put out a very respectable picture.
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