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Panasonic ST60 trouble with settings

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Hi everyone!  Excited to have a real TV now but.....................  I have been reading your forum conversations for weeks now since before I even bought my Panasonic  ST60.  I have 2 problems which may or may not be related:

      I purchased the Harmony Touch remote to operate a few devices.  My problem is when trying to get the settings into the remote it is done online and they seem to not stick even though when I review them online it states what I had inputted is true.  It just doesn't operate my home theater and TV together properly and consistently.  Sometimes it will work well and then it stops working and I have to reset them.   

      The other problem is when trying to set the picture mode to the settings in CNET or D-Nice they will not stick.  Once the settings are inputted they are fine until i change to a different HDMI port.  I do understand how to copy the adjustments across the different ports too.  I have tried this under the custom picture mode as stated in the D-Nice forum.  Even turning the TV off and then turning it back on sets them back to the default mode.  If I try to adjust different devices to a custom setting from the remote the remote will then not work again!  

      Am I not setting something correctly or is my remote a joke or is there a problem with the TV?  I am not incapable or inept either!  I am usually pretty good at these things.


Thanks for your help, Jason
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Not sure on the remote but make sure your TV is in home use mode. Mine was a floor model without a remote and since I didn't take it out of display mode when I first booted it up I had to unplug it for the wall once I got a working remote. It wouldn't save any settings until I put it into home use.
Other sign that it is in this display mode is if it keeps returning to Vivid when you cycle the power,

OK, sounds like what I thought too.  I even thought I remember changing it to the settings that said home use.  I even went back to make sure that the display mode said off.  After a while the TV settings have been on I will get a message "Now in picture refresh mode.  Going to refresh settings" or something very close to that and then it goes back to vivid mode.  Some of the settings have stuck like the motion off have stayed off.  I take it that I should unplug TV and start from scratch?  Do you have a better description of where and when and how to put it into the home mode.  Thought I did it right but maybe there is a setting I overlooked!?  Thanks for your guys response!  Jason
When I plugged it back in it came back up with a main setup menu that allowed me to select home use. It's been fine since. Sorry I don't remember all of the details!
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OK, some head way,  restarted TV and that was not enough.  Had to go into settings and reset the TV to default settings.  I think that was the trick as everything has to be redone.  It came up with a screen that I had not seen yet and that was  a screen that allowed me to choose the home mode.  I will now try to make this baby fly.  Hope my settings with the remote will now work too.  Doubt it though cuz that was an issue with my home theater system settings vs the TV settings.  Will let you know!  Thanks again for your responses!

TV is holding settings - I thought that it was on Home Mode but it was truly on Store Mode!


Other problem is not resolved though!  My Harmony Touch!  Have reset multiple times and changed multiple times.  Once a setting is changed in one area, another unrelated area is inadvertently changed too.  I think I will exchange it at the store and see if that fixes it!                       Jason
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