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Hello all,

has any one noticed that the panel ( screen) on the Tc-26lx85 is loose to the touch. I ordered this tv from newegg .the boxed arrived with minor cut on top rt. corner that went through but didn't damage the styrofoam packing.

After i took tv out of box, i noticed lint on panel so i took a cloth to wipe it off.

To my surprise, when i touched the screen with cloth it moved in slightly

like a loose window pane. Thought this was damaged in shipment so newegg filed a damage claim with ups and shipped out another tv. The second tv

arrived in a perfect box but the panel was loose also. After reading manual,

on page 44 in bold print it says there is loosness around the panel to prevent damage and this not a malfunction. I thought something was wrong because

my samsung lcd panel doesn't move when touched.

I hope this helps anyone who is in the market for a panasonic lcd tv
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