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Hi just wanted to pass on my results of picture settings on this new television I just picked up. I searched everywhere in this tread regarding this model and found no posted settings

Mode: Cinema

Back light: 52 (middle setting)

Picture: 79

Brightness: 64

Color: 45

Tint: -5

Sharpness: 50

Color Temp: Warm

All other settings: Off

This entry level television from Panasonic packs a lot of punch for the buck. It is a 720p panel

Game mode via HDMI for my PS3 rocks! No Lag....

I used Ratatouille BlueRay that has THX optimizer calibration.

Television is in a small fairly dark room with one small 7 inch flouresent light (picked up at Home Depot) located directly behind the television on the wall with velcro.

hope this helps,

give these settings a try you just might be surprised. Remember each television is a tad different.

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I just returned a Westinghouse for this Panasonic the other day at Costco. So far the picture out of the box looks pretty good especially after I changed it to game mode, but I think I'll try out your settings to see if it's better.

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Hello guys,

In my menu settings I can find: Picture, Sound, Settings.

As I go into Picture I have this situation:

Mode: Cinema OK

Back light: 52 CAN'T FIND

Picture: 79 CAN'T FIND

Brightness: 64 CAN'T REACH 64 (MAX 30, MIN 30)

Color: 45 OK

Tint: -5 (MIN 0, MAX 10)

Sharpness: 50 CAN'T REACH 50

Color Temp: Warm OK

Why do I have different kind of settings in my TV?
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