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Panasonic TH-42PD50UP Now on Pre-order

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See that 2 vendors have the Panasonic TH-42PD50UP plasma on pre-order. I had to Pricegrabber.com the model number to find it.

You'll see the price, which is above other stated MSRP's listed in other threads/posts for this model and other near-by models.

My question to everyone...do these intial pre-order prices go down after the official release?

If not, I'm going with the 25u model from Costco or on-line vendor.

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The MSRP for the TH-42PD50U is $2499. Until units actually ship, it is not uncommon for on-line sellers to have inflated list prices inserted as place holders or to just be plain wrong. If you can wait several weeks, you should be able to snag one of the new models at the correct MSRP or lower.
Plainfieldrob, you raise various issues:

Have you read the reviews of those two merchants posted to pricegrabber? It seams as if every 6th review is a nightmare. Other posts question if some of the remaining five positive posts are same individual or store employees anyway.

By the way, I am taking pre-orders on both 2015 year model plasmas and 2015 year model cars (cash deposits only). To make you happy, pick whatever MSRP you want and I will post that to my web page. I can guarantee those MSRP (ones you choose) just as much as anyone else can guarantee the MSRP on an unreleased product. The pricegrabber MSRPs asked are $1k over what my copy of panny press report shows anyway.

Confused? Click on one the board affiliates (100% reliable vendors) above – say PlasmaConcepts.com Click “add to my cart†on the 04 model. Look at the price. Yea, the 05 models are supposed to come in lower than the 04s, which is consistent with the prices I mentioned.

If that doesn’t help, maybe another post will add to what I have indicated above.
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Definitely a problem with the pricing. Interesting as it states shipping in early March.

Thanks all...I've been lurker for quite some time. Find AVSForum to be an invaluable resource. The opinions expressed have helped me tremendously.

Don't need it till early May anyhow.

Saw that high MSRP and freak'd. Thanks for keeping me sane!
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