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First time poster here so please be gentle.
My wife and I are moving into a new place (here in Hamburg, Germany) and will also be getting a new TV and stereo set-up. Since we will be sitting around 3 meters away from the TV I have decided to get a 42" (106cm) screen.

At one of the local electronics store the (seemingly) knowledgable clerk recommended the Panasonic TH-42PV60 to me. He said that that is the most sold 42" plasma that they have.

Let me say that we don't have HDTV channels here in Germany nor do I plan on buying an HD DVD player. I watch normal cable TV and normal DVDs. But the large portion of stuff I watch are xvid (MPEG4) files from the Internet through my Yamakawa DVD player which supports them. The 4:3 files are 512x384.

Does anyone out there also watch such source material? Opinions? Suggestions?

I was thinking of getting one of the new Oppo Digital up-scaling DVD players when they come out. Will that make stuff look better?
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