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Panasonic TH-42PX50U Upscaling

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I've had my Panny for about 3 weeks and really enjoy the heck out of it.

But, being a newbie I've been a lurker on this forum and have learned a great deal. The knowledge of the members here is second to none. :)

My setup is the following (it's simple but it's a start right?)

Panny TH-42PX50U

Yamaha HTR 5860

Sony DVPNS70H (not yet hooked up)

HSU VT-12 & STF-1

Now, for the questions: :confused:

How does the Panny upscale?

Is it through only through the HDMI?

Does the Panny upscale the DVD component signal to 720p or 1080i?

Currently I'm using a 2-3 y.o. progressive DVD player hooked up via component. The picture is pretty good - not HD good but good. Definitely and upgrade from my 480i.

Using the Sony via HDMI, will the PQ be a very noticeable increase (i.e. 480i to 480p) or will it minimal?

and the last question is... I've seen many posts/lists on what it a great DVD to test out a surround sound system. What would be a good DVD to show off the plasma? I've watched some HD channels but would like to view some DVD's which I could compare the different inputs (HDMI - component).

To all: Thanks for making this a great source of info.
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my friend is a home theater installer, the dvds they show after they installed a system are

Swordfish and Lord of the Rings

I'll have to checkout that one. A movie with Halle Berry can't be all bad! Thanks.
Originally Posted by robostock

I'll have to checkout that one. A movie with Halle Berry can't be all bad! Thanks.
Apparently, you've never seen Catwoman!
Well, others can elaborate more on the intricate details but…

Your Panny plasma is capable of receiving & displaying a 720p/1080i signal, like from HD broadcasts. When it receives a signal from your DVD player it doesn’t upscale it, just like it doesn’t upscale an SD broadcast. It shows what you send it.

The Sony upconversion DVP-NS70H takes the DVD 480p & bumps up the scale to 720p or 1080i if utilized thru the HDMI connection. If component cables are used, it is a 480p signal that is sent to your plasma.

A good show off DVD is House of the Flying Daggers: brilliant colors & cinematography. It is however 2.35:1 aspect ratio.
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