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Panasonic TH-50PV80 - grainy picture question

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I have a Panasonic PV80 hooked up to a WD TV via HDMI.

I have been watching mkv's and the picture is amazing!

One thing I noticed last night though is in scenes that part of the scene is one color, for example - a person standing next to a wall that is one color, the wall looks snowy/grainy compared to the rest of the picture which is clear and detailed.

I'm sure I only noticed this since I was sitting closer to the TV than usual (10 feet from a 50") and was paying close attention to the picture quality, but does anyone know why this is?

Is it the mkv compression, WD TV quality, the tv itself?

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What Picture Mode are you using? (ie: Standard, Cinema, Custom, etc.)

Also, I don't know much about .mkv files, but if it is a compressed video of another video (ie: blu-ray or dvd source), it will introduce artifacts of some sort that may be especially noticeable on a 50" screen.
I suspect that it's a combination of the compression in the MKV file and using a picture mode other than cinema.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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