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I spoke to Panasonic about these Plasma's and could get no info. They couldn't tell me who sells them.

Anyway, I want to buy a quality Plasma monitor, and these appear to do the job.

However, they have slightly different specs. For example the 65PF12UK has a Contrast Ratio 40,000:1 compared to Contrast Ratio 60,000:1 for the 65vx100u model. One unit has external scaler mode to upscale 480i signals. So there are some differences.

One of the models was released in 2007 so what is the most current model?

Can anyone provide me feedback comparing these two models. Which one has the better specs and picture, feature, and function?


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Got my 65VX100 last spring, with moderate difficulty locating a local store. It may have been a late '08 intro. This site has links to help find dealers. Since this is a custom/pro monitor, dealer stores may require a CEDIA (custom-install) person on their staff. Phoning Panasonic's concierge service (within link or Google?) will locate local dealers. Haven't researched the other model listed. There are lots of VX100 reviews online. -- John
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