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Is this mostly daytime or evening viewing? Does your room have window treatments or wall to wall windows with nothing but glare? If you have window treatments or view mostly at night, I'd STRONGLY recommend the Panasonic.

In the big box stores, especially costco because it's so bright (skylights and nothing but flourescent lights) as first "pop" the Vizio's grab my eye. However, Vizio and other LCD mfg's ship them on "vivid" (burn your eyeballs with not so real colors), whereas the Panasonic isn't as "amp'd". Look closer and the panasonics colors are more real, the contrast is better, blacks are blacker and the viewing angle is outstanding. Unless you like the almost fake, ultra vivid colors of lcd (lots of people do...personal taste), the panasonic is going to provide overall better contrast, colors and realism. Eg, if you were like a sony xbr guy and held out for HD prices and griped about the picture on projection tv's, panasonic is the way to go.

I have a 3 year old panasonic 42" and am about to take the plunge on the 58 inch. Also just bought my inlaws the same 46 your talking about and they absolutely love it. I've also got a friend at work that's got the same 46" and recommends it to anyone that will listen.

If your into the real picture, like sports/action, etc. go Panasonic and you won't be disappointed. The burn in stuff is b.s, thing of the past from my experience, you have nothing to worry about there. Go panasonic, jump into the owners forum and play with the calibration settings to find someting that really strikes you. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And if you are, Costco gives you 30days, no quesitons asked to return the set.

Good Luck and Enjoy. My wife isn't a TV, technology person at ALL and she's already given me the "go" on the 58", which is unbelievable. It's that good.
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