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I have an old Panasonic GS400 video camera and have found that the battery physically fits my new TM700 perfectly. Equally, the AC Adaptor for the GS400 seems very similar to the AC ADaptor for the TM700.

My question is this - has anyone been brave enough to try charging their TM700 battery in the GS400 charger (or use the GS400 battery in the TM700)?

I presume that the old battery would not work in the new camera (no doubt due to clever chipping by Panasonic to get you to buy new batteries) - but the AC ADAPTORS seem so similar that I am tempted to try swapping them (handy to have a second charger - so that I can charge the TM700 battery whilst working from AC to transfer clips to the PC).

GS400 Stats:


INPUT 110v-240v ~ 50/60hz 19w

OUTPUT 7.9V - 1.4A (Video Camera)

8.4V - 0.65A (Charge)

TM700 Stats:


INPUT 110V-240V ~ 50-60hz 19w

OUTPUT 9.3V - 1.2A (Video Camera)

8.4V - 0.65A (Charge)



PS - The video camera output VOLT/AMP differences seem large enough that the old AC ADAPTOR may not be suitable for hooking up to the NEW TM700 video camera for AC power ... but the charge VOLTS/AMPS are identical for charging purposes.
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