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This is a stumper, so bear with me for a few minutes...

I have a Panasonic TU-HDS20, non-upgraded. Regular DirecTV channels work fine, HD terrestrial works fine. One channel - HDNet, has frequent audio dropouts (every 1.5 seconds) when using the digital output; analog is fine.

My dealer supplied me with a new, fully upgraded HDS20. This cleared up the digital audio problem and all is well on that front. Except.... this receiver has a strange problem. On many (about 60%) of the regular DirecTV channels, the picture breaks up after a couple of minutes, similar to rain fade, and the unit displays the "searching for satellite signal" message. Terrestrial, DirecTV HD, and 40% of other channels are fine. If I watch the signal meter, I get a steady 91% on the "A" side, and a steady 68% on the "B" side. If I hook the same receiver up at the dealer's location, it doesn't exhibit this problem.

I have four other receivers connected with no problems, largely ruling out the dish or LNBs.


* Old Panny holds the signal fine.

* New Panny doesn't at my house, but does at the dealer.

* Other receivers are fine.

* Signal meter shows OK.

This one seems to defy all logical deductions I would normally apply to problem resolution. If anyone has any ideas, I am very open to them right now!!!

Thank you!

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