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I bought this thing a year ago, and just tried it out. When changing channels, it will FREEZE, then do a reset all by itself, which takes 2 minutes to create the channel list, and displays acquiring signal 0-100%. When it comes back on, many of the favorites are gone from the guide, and it goes back to ALL CHANNELS. You have to hit Guide, info, change it back to FAVORITES, then exit.

Also, when trying to add the newly missing channels back into the Favorites list, it often does the same annoying thing. If the picture wasn't so good, I'd switch to an H20, but unitl the new channels arrive, I get locals just fine OTA.

Is there a factory reset/diagnostics menu?

On my SATHD200, I had to hold Left + Right arrow keys, and press Select to do an NVRAM reset, which fixed many problems. I was hoping to do the same kind of thing here, instead of trying to send it back to ??? for repair. Does anyone still repair these? Please help!
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