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Hi hope someone can help here a friend of mine asked me to look at her panasonic tv (TX-P42S30B).

They was sat watching it when it suddenly turned off no warnings just shut it self down.

The tv now won't switch back on no signs of power apart from the led is flashing on the front 6-7 times (GREEN)

I have tried leaving the the tv unplugged for couple of days nothing changed.

The power button is pressed on tv the light flashes 6-7 times then goes off and when i press power button on the tv and then hold power button on tv remote the light flashes 6-7 times then stays on.

Confused of what to do next, any help would be great Panasonic refuse to help cos im not willing to throw money there way.

I can do basic electronic on tv's had success in fixing a couple and computer monitors
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