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I have one thread here but maybe because it is in 3D section there is not much help.

But maybe here i will ask a bit different question, like, is it really cross-talk aka. ghosting or some other problem.


1. Use my PC to playback 3D, video is NVidia GTX660, soft PowerDVD and TotalMedia (some why PowerDVD crashes sometimes)

2. TV understands 3D resolutions and switches to it

3. Eye-wear Panasonic TY-ER3D4


1. Playback at 1080p/24Hz when TV set to 120Hz manually makes a lot of ghosting both from PC and TV player

2. Playback at 1080p/24Hz at 100Hz is OK, but not perfect as some ghosting still there,and more flicker and not smooth playback

3. Playback at 720p/60Hz witch seems should be best played at 120Hz has same problem, moreover it set's TV to 120Hz in auto mode and brings ghosting

4. Playback at 720p/50Hz same as 1080p/24Hz at 100Hz, let's call it OK

5. When there is ghosting it seem like TV can not focus 3D, because when i adjust 3D depth on TV or player i can make it look very good for the front of the scene or for the back, but not the whole scene.

Tried to switch first eye, no help. Tried to close one or other eye, then if object is ghosted from both sides closing one eye takes half of the ghost ant other - other.

So here is situation. If You need more information i'll give as much as possible.

Really need help, this let's call it higher end TV should do better in my opinion, read ton's of reviews of it, everyone call it perfect

Or maybe i just want too much from it, or don't know enough about 3D

Thanks in advance!
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