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just wondering if anyone else owns this set and can share their display settings. ive tried googling and cant find anything on screen set up for this. and yes i know one persons calibrations might not work in the room of another person, but im just interested in seeing how others sets are configured.

ALSO - what exactly does the backlight do? is this generally set too high or too low in factory settings?

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My son and his family got one of these for Christmas from my wife and I. I started with the settings found over in the CNET review. Even though it was on the 26 inch model, it is a good starting point.

I have since calibrated it using its service menu. A bit different in that you there are no controls for the low end, just CENTER and GAIN(high end of scale) for the RGB. Still smoothed out pretty good in grayscale from what it came from the factory with.

The backlight is always set too high from the factory!

I also recommend that you set any sources to this TV at 720P, and set the format to FULL for all content.

Here's the CNET settings:

--Picture menu

Picture mode: Cinema

Backlight: +52

Contrast: +90

Brightness: +55

Color: +39

Tint: 0

Sharpness: 0

Color temp: Warm

Color mgmnt.: Off

A.I. picture.: Off

Video NR: Off

Zoom adjustments: [grayed out]

PC adjustments: [grayed out]

-Advanced picture submenu

Color matrix: HD [grayed out]


Black level: Light

H size: Size 1 [grayed out]

Here's the before and after cal with an i1Pro.

Grayscale before:

Grayscale after:

Gamut Before:

Gamut After: Still needs some work, though not many adjustments in the service menus.

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are those "before" measurements using CNET's or factory settings?

Also, would you mind posting your service menu calibration settings?

I used CNET's calibration settings and the picture does look better than using the factory defaults, but I would like to improve it even more if possible through the service menu.

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