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panasonic xr57 vs onkyo 605

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ok I know its not fair, the panny is $250 vs the Onkyo at $400. And to shake it up some Its kind of my review also, but I would like peoples input on any particulary reasons to keep the onkyo.

I have had the panny for 6-7 months, its worked fine, I like the low heat output, but I get clicking noises sometimes and felt like perhaps I was not getting all the LFE, do to reading other peoples problem with lfe on this amp. I did note then when I originally hooked up my HD-A3 I had to turn up the sub level on the amp. So I have had this nagging wonder if I should of got the onkyo instead.

my setup if you want more details

So I went to the local CC and bought a 605 to compare.

First I relistened to the panny with 300, transformers, both in HD and a favorite CD. I listened to the same sections for all three tests.

I set the 605 up with the directions and used the audessey. I found the LFE a little to low with the audessey settings and I cranked up the sub volume some. It sounded very good, a little more full than the panny setup but I did not really feel like the Panny was lacking in the Bass department.

Then I reset up the panny and decided to adjust my settings a bit, I had the speakers set to small since I was a little worried about the in wall speakers, (silly I am sure they have crossovers built in.) So I changed them to large. I did notice a nice diffrence here it really filled in the middle and the LFE was very nice. I prefered this sound over the onkyo hands down. Now I imagine with more fiddling with the settings the onkyo may of equaled it but I did not feel like the panny was missing stuff any longer.

Since I don't personally feel the 605 SQ is any better is there any other considerations I should think of to keep it? Saving money is always nice.

My understanding is that my players will decode stuff and I will get the True HD and DTS HDMA sound via pcm as long as the player decodes it. I will be using an HD-A3 and a PS3 (I know I currently cannot get DTS HDMA with the ps3).

I don't care about video upconversion, my projector does that fine.

The 605 would require a HDMI switcher anyway since I need 3 hdmi inputs.

Is there anything I am missing here?
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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