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I am writing this post to in hopes that some of the more experienced plasma owners out there can help assuage my fears and also provide some advice potentially.

I purchased and installed a Panasonic TC-PVT20/25 on 11/1/10 and have been absolutely thrilled with the picture quality. I did NOT have it professionally calibrated, but I did do some research and adjusted my picture settings to some of those I found posted within these forums and CNET. I am work so do not have exact details. However, I know that I run the TV in THX mode with some adjustments.

So that being said I was totally thrilled with the Pandora app found on the TV. I have used Pandora at work and on my phone, but enjoy the functionality of having it on the TV. It is convenient to connect to my stereo system. Also the ability to skip songs or thumb up/down from across the room was awesome.

I was aware that you needed to be careful of static images on all plasmas and was initially not even going to use Pandora. However, I had it on screen for a couple of minutes when I noticed it went to a rotating image. I thought, "problem solved", there will be no BI/IR with a rotating image like that. That being said I used it for several hours while I cleaned and cooked in preparation for some company and later that evening discovered some of the images from Pandora were BI/IR. Specifically the title of the station is on the top right, the thumb up/down are along the right side, and the large menu bar crosses the screen towards the bottom.

I have used the TV's anti-image retention wipe multiple times and it does seem to have improved. For example I cannot see the thumb up/down anymore, but I can still see the station name and the menu on some screens. It should be noted that I cannot see these at all during any normal viewing. Specifically I can only see them when a static image is present and light colored, for example the Viera Cast menu, or the Pandora sign in menu.

So some of my specific questions would be...

1) Is there any hope of these images going away?

2) Will running the break-in DVD's I have been reading about help with this issue?

3) Will I always have to be hyper-paranoid about what I watch?

The screensaver lulled me into a false sense of security. I really didn't think that BI/IR could happen that rapidly. So now I am terrified of watching football/ESPN/playing games, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, does any other TC-PVT20/25 owner experience the same issue with Pandora?


(I did post this in the burn in thread, however that doesn't seem to get as much attention.)

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I have a Panny plasma (2009- 50" S1)and I was VERY careful the first 200-300 hours with it. From what I read here that is the critical time to be careful with what you watch. I also ran the break in slides that can be found on this site. I downloaded them to an SD card and ran them about 140 hours in the first 200 hours of use. I also only watched full screen images during the break in time.

I do sometimes get IR. Nothing that an hour of normal TV viewing hasn't gotten rid of. I game a lot and can do 6-8 hours non stop of FPS games like MW2 and Black Ops. I really have no fears about static images at this point. I have well over a 1000 hours on my plasma.

I would find a link to the break in slides and download them to an SD card. I would run them until you get to 200 or 300 hours when you aren't watching TV. I am no expert but if you do a search you can find a ton of threads that deal with what you are talking about. It is very hard to burn in an image on newer plasmas. You probably have IR which can be scary, but almost always goes away.

I am sure someone who is a lot more knowledgeable will chime in with a more scientific explanation!

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yeah the real question is how many hours do you have logged on the TV?

plasma's phosphors do not wear at a linear rate, the wear progressively slower as they age and when they are brand new the wear extremely fast.

static material must be avoided for the first 200-400 hours of use depending on if you use break in slides and setting or not to accelerate the process.

after 1k hours its nearly impossible to burn in a plasma, it takes serious abuse like days of playing a game with a static HUD displayed for hours and hours on end and nothing else.

Image retention on the other hand can happen very rapidly but it will go away on its own or you can speed up the process by using the built in IR remover on the TV.

in my experience with our Panny 50X1 that has had tons of TIR from text displays on our Asus O!Play it goes away within about an hour or two at most of normal TV viewing.
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