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Hello all,


I am new to this forum and i just bought a used Elite 53.  It sounds amazing, but I have had a few issues with the setup.  Airplay works pretty well, but sometimes has issues connecting.  Do I need the wireless LAN adapter, or can i just run a Ethernet cable from the 53 to my wireless router? 


Also, i have heard of Pandora issues with the 53.  Most people say just update the firmware and it will work.  Mine keeps saying everything is up to date and has current firmware when i check in the network menu.  HELP!



On a separate note, can i connect my phone to the 53 as well, i have a glaxy s3.


Thank you all so much!




My system consists of:

Pioneer Elite 53

Parasound HCA 750a - for center channel

Parasound HCA 1500a - for fronts

Definitive Procenter 2000

2 B&W 684's

2 B&W M-1's


XBOX 360

Sony blu ray BDP-S360

Panamax 4300-PM
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