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My panny 42phd7uy was reset to factory settings and i lost all my inputs.

Could someone please link or post settings? I've searched the forum and only found one basic one. I would like the detailed version if possible. I used to have the calibrated settings someone posted from using the disk, but i lost them.

Here are color inputs:

Pic menu: Dynamic, cinema, auto, standard

Picture - 0-30

Brightness - 0-30

Sharpness - 0 - 15

Color Temp - Warm, Cool, Auto

Color Mgt - Off/On

Advanced settings Off/On

Also under Signal:

3:2 Pulldown - Off/On

Video NR - Off/On

One other problem ----maybe not, but i noticed it! On the dish network guide, it doesnt go all the way over to the right. I dont remember if it did that before or not. Does your dish network GUIDE fill the whole screen? Mine has the gap at the right (about 2 inches). If this isnt right, how do i fix?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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