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Quick question,

I hooked up my XBOX to my PT50DL54 last night.

I went into the XBOX Video settings and set 480p, 720p, 1080i support all to YES.

Seeing as this is a widescreen TV I also set my xbox video mode=WIDESCREEN

My problem is though when playing games, the PQ is heavily pixelated and just looks awful. If I set the XBOX Video settings to "NORMAL" the game still fully fits the screen and it does look more clear.

With the XBOX Video Settings MODE = Normal though I was expected to have to play in 4:3, but it still fills the screen? odd.

I am using the XBOX Monster Component Cables. Playing FIFA 2005 last night, during the kick-off the name on the back of a players jersey was a little pixelated / blurry.

If the game supports 480p should everything look super smooth. I still see the "polygon triangle" edges sometimes..

Am I being a little naive expecting perfection?

I've never really experienced HD or any progressive scan imagery before so I have no reference as to the quality to expect.
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