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Panny 50PX60U Versus 42inch. Higher resolution makes it THAT much better?

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Hey all. I have a question if there is a noticeable difference in resolution between the Panasonic 50PX60U and the 42PX60U. The 42 inch is 1,024X768 for 786,432 pixels versus the 50's 1,366X768 for 1,049,088 pixels. Is there a (insert adjective, big, negligible,) difference between them? That 262,656 pixel loss seems big enough to warrant purchasing the 50 inch. I have an XBOX 360 and the 50 would seem to display games closer to there native 720P resolution. Has anyone tested both or seen both to the point where they can say for sure what the difference is if any? How about HD and SD content? I know they are both quality displays, I own the 42inch, however, I am thinking I may be better off trading up before my 30 days are up. Your thoughts will be appreciated.
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No it's not that much better, in fact it's probably best to describe the increase in resolution as necessary given the increase in size.

At 8 feet you don't see pixels anyway. Purchase whichever size suits you best.
Anyone else? C'mon, I know there are some real knowledgeable/technical people here who can give their 2 cents :)
No, size makes it that much better. If you have room get the 50 because no one ever wishes they bought the smaller one.
50 50 50

if you have the money and the space you WILL be sorry if you are on the fence.

as many said, if you have the room get the 50. you WILL regret getting a tv too small for your viewing environment. that said, i have a 360 and the 42" and it is astonishing.
I would get the 50 because it has square pixels...AND bigger is always better when it comes to TVs. :p
No matter what size TV you buy... inevitably they all suffer from the same affliction known as: "shrinkage!" :D

get the 50
Man, I hope he's not in Canada :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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