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Panny 95 time wrong

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Sunday, my Panny 95's time was off by about 2 hours. When it is actually 11:00 am, it displays 9:00 a.m. The TV guide listings have the right times for the programs, so when I select something to record that starts at 8:00 pm, it actually runs at 10:00 p.m.

I tried to run the Automatic clock setting from the Setup menu, but it is gray'd out. So is the option to manually set the clock. Also, the automatic channel setup is gray'd out too.

Anyone having the same problem? I'm in the Dallas area. I figure the time error came from where ever the TV Guide download comes from.

I thought about doing the channel down/channel up to get back to the factory presets. But does that erase everything on the hard drive?

Any other suggestions?

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Factory reset does not erase the contents of the HDD.
I agree with bobkart, the factory reset will not erase recordings on the HDD, but it will erase all the TVGOS listings and any recordings you have scheduled.

Have you downloaded and installed the firmware update for the E-95? If not, it is available here.
Thanks for the replies.

The factory reset allowed me to do the automatic time set and auto channel setup. Now just waiting to get my TV Guide downloads again. At least I am able to set up recordings without doing any math, especially since when I got home yesterday the clock was off 1:40 rather than 2:00 hrs. No clue what's up with that. Just hope it's correct when I get home tonight. Don't want to miss NCIS and Boston Legal. ha!

Thanks for the link to the firmware update.
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