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Panny AE700 Issue

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I've searched around this forum, but not being sure what to call this problem, I may have missed the answer...so please be gentle...

Here is the issue...

After about 10-15 minutes my projector will dim slightly for 30 seconds and then brighten back to normal. I have the projector running in the low/econo mode. The brightness levels are consistent and it looks like it is switching from low light to high light mode. Not a lot of difference, but distracting. It first showed up when I had 800 hours on the first bulb. I replaced the bulb it seemed to go away. Now at 100 hours on this bulb it's back!

Do you think it's a bulb or is this symptomatic of something else with the AE700?

Thanks in advance.
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At such low hours on the bulb you might want to consider exchanging the projector/bulb if you can. If that's not an option I think others have had success switching the projector over to high for a few hours and then switching it back to low. something about burning off the crud on the bulb/filament...could be way off on the actual cause, but I'm pretty sure that's one solution. I experienced a similar issue and switching to high for 10 hours did the trick. Others who have had this problem say it will only get worse and your bulb will soon die/explode. Hope yours is the former.
Thanks Broadway, I'll give it a shot on high mode for 10 hours or so. I use mine for short periods once a day...typically an hour or less per session. Do you know if the crud develops on bulb because it's used in low lamp mode?

Thanks for you quick response.
Just an update for all of you AE700 owners...itworked for me! I ran the bulb about 12 hours on high. The problem disappeared and has not returned.

Great catch, Broadway! Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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