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My Panny developed a reddish tint in the lower left hand corner a couple of months ago. It was days away from being out of warranty when I sent it in to Heartland. I had about 500 hours on the lamp when it went in. They sent it back with a note saying they changed the bulb, which I thought was odd for a color uniformity issue. Anyway, it did look OK when it came back.

Fast-forward to now. Over the last few days, the red has not only come back, it seems much worse than Round 1. Bulb is once again at about 500 hours. I have a call into Heartland to see if they will fix, since it would not appear they actually did so when it was in the first time. Of course, now its out of warranty...

Any thoughts about the actual problem? Or if they will treat it as under warranty?

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