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panny DMR U99 error code explained

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according to the service manual




Displayed when communication error has occurred between Main microprocessor and Timer microprocessor.

Displayed is left until the [POWER] key is pressed.


WARNING*** do at your own risk!!

To get into the service mode

While the power is off, press TIME SLIP, STOP and OPEN / CLOSE simultaneously for five seconds.

On the remote, press 0-2 and it will show the ROM version, region code, hard drive?

This one is pretty interesting, 1-4:

Encode and decode L1 signal w/o writing to HD or DVD

This one is also interesting, 4-1:

Shows the laser age in hours for both play/rec

- if you get an ebay version, you can really check if new.


display working unit in hours

- if you get an ebay version, you can really check if new.

to get out of service mode, press power.
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Interesting. Which model is that service manual for? DMR-E...?
sorry - this is 95 but I bet it works for 85 too.
The last time I had a U99 I tried entering service mode. No go, it powered up the unit and ran the self check first, ending in U99 again.

But, the service tech who fixed my machine once claimed that it did work. I got my machine back with all recording intact.

What other things can one do in service mode ?
some other ones:


Megenta picture output with comp output 100% saturation rate (Interlated)


toggle interlace/processive output


audio pattern test - Lch:1kHz/-18db, Rch:400Hz/-18db


pc card adaptor test (r/w)




SD card w/r test


hard disk test 35Mbps test-


display ram drive error code


display date unit was made


tray is open and closed repeatedly-until power off (hold power button 10sec)

here some fun things to do at your friends

when power is on, press STOP and POWER for 5 seconds. It will lock the DVD tray. do the same to unlock. I guess for store demos.
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Ah, now i only the hard drive can be made to be swapped without getting a Format message...
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