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I was watching interstella through my pc last night and during the first 30 minutes had some video drop out (the projector would go blank ). No issues with audio. My projector is connected to a yamaha RV767 receiver which then is fed by my other devices. I have no issues watching cable TV (which again runs through receiver and onto projector

The HDMI lead to the projector is around 15 meters long. I did restart my PC after leaving the projector on and for the remaining 2 hours no video drop outs. I dont know whether this is an issue with my pc or the projector but as cable works fine then assume its a combination of pc and HDMI lead.

I did have to remove some of the plastic bulk where the head of the HDMI lead joins the cable as i did not have enough room to insert it (its quite a bulky cable) .; By removing some of the plastic it allowed me to bend the lead downwards so it could be inserted into the projector . The back of the projector is near the wall (around 3 cm clearance) so the HDMI lead is in tight (as it actually causes the projector to swivel on its mount axis - i have countered that by using a piece of cardboard on the other side to resist the force and to stop the swivel action).

I dont know whether this could cause damage to the HDMI board in the projector. (I doubt it as i assume the frame of the HDMI casing stops the HDMI end from pushing the board anyway - i imagine that its just pushing against the frame of the projector rather than directly against the HDMI board)

I did have a 90 degree connector but the lip of the projector does not allow the connector to get interested properly. Ideally i need a 90 degree connector which is slightly longer on the side that plugs into the projector allowing the other side to clear the lip edge of the back of the projector.
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