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after reading all the reviews on the Panny SD42, it sounds like dollar for dollar it's the best value, even against the HD model...at least that's how i read into them.

some questions:

along with the HD directv satellite i will be getting, will i need a separate HD decoder box? if so, any recommendations? compatability with the Panny? cost? where to purchase?

from the comments i've been reading, even though the SD model is not formally "hd-ready", the PQ from an hd signal is comparable to that going through an actual HD model...any comments?

looks like only very few channels on satellite for HD programming. what HD programming can i expect off of local channels (abc, nbc, cbs)? and will i be able to get these through my directv local access?

got the wife's approval on everything...just need to wait until we move in to the new place :)

thanks, all, for all the great posts on the Panny!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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