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Hi all, I just went from a 65 S1 to a 58 VT25 and the difference is astonishing! I just got the Spears & Munsil Bluray and started calibtating it last night. It has me setting the contrast on the THX setting to about 28, brightness 52. On the custom setting, contrast is 33 and brightness is 55. The pic looks good but is very dark. I checked the settings on my DVE Bluray calibration disc as well, and got the same results. Can this be correct? According to D-Nice's settings, I'm way off. Any input would be appreciated. I have 3 Ideal Lume panel lights on the back, 2 vertical on the ends and one upper midddle horizontal. Should I have these turned off when calibrating? My room is dark with only wash lights on the walls on a dimmer. The wall the TV is on is also painted black and the walls are a light tan. I do have about 55 hrs on the break in slides.

In regards to the S1 vs. the VT 25, there is no comparrison on picture quality. I use to see 5 images stacked on the S1 when looking at it on an angle and the motion blur was aweful imo. The motion blur occured anytime the camera panned. It was definitely worth sacraficing a bit of size for quality! I'm also a gamer and the VT25 is the best I've seen!

Thank you in advance for any input.
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