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Purchased new in 2001 at Tweeter and used it until around 2007 or so as my primary OTA HD and DirecTV receiver. Still worked just fine when it was retired. (I can give it a quick check to verify if needed.)

Pretty sure this is no longer compatible with DirecTV HD, but the OTA tuner is still fine and this is how I used it until FiOS showed up and I dumped DirecTV. Quite simply, THE BEST analog component picture quality I've ever seen. I had one other OTA-only tuner (Samsung) and multiple Tivos and none could touch the output from this unit. Supports both Y-Pb-Pr component and RGB (analog) modes.

It has a 1st generation OTA tuner and therefore can be multi-path challenged at times, but if you live within 20 miles of the towers and/or have direct LOS, should still work wonderfully. Not sure is this unit is affected by the analog sunset, so YMMV. Includes remote.

$25 + shipping


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